MimoCAD is a comprehensive software suite that offers the modern responder one place to go for management of the entire department: from alarm alerting and pre-plan, to alarm attendance recording, to personnel management and call review.

The MimoCAD product suite is comprised of a number of constituent components, each offering a different set of capabilities to your department. While MimoCAD Core is a prerequisite for the others, the remaining components can be added as the needs of your department change. Each can work independently of the others, allowing your department to save money by enabling only the feature set that you require.

If there is a featureset that you require and wish to integrate with our existing product stack, just let us know. We will build entirely new products and capabilities to meet the needs of a department on request.

MimoWEB provides your department with personnel and alarm management via a convenient, portable, and compatible web interface that works just as well on mobile devices as on a PC.

MimoGPS gives your department advanced, integrated, real-time unit tracking powerful enough to allow real-time vehicle locations to be displayed at HQ - or even to a dispatcher, if you choose.

MimoSDR records your department's dispatch frequency - and, if you choose, your fireground as well - allowing for more detailed call review capabilities than ever before.