MimoCAD Core

MimoCAD Core serves as the connective layer between our other MimoCAD products, as well as providing an interface to third party applications to access the dispatch console, and by extension alarm information, for your department.

We currently have interfaces into Nassau County Fire Communications with plans to add support for Suffolk County Fire Rescue Service. We can hook MimoCAD into any dispatch software that has an export function, or can otherwise communicate with an external service. If you don't have any of these services, MimoCAD is capable of operating as the primary CAD interface.

MimoCAD - an acronym for Multiple In, Multiple Out Computer Aided Dispatch - also enables connections to third party software, like ePCR software, to automatically provide call information - making paperwork easier for first responders, and allowing units to become available sooner. We provide a standard interface into other dispatch software, such as Active911 or IAmResponding; or chat services like Slack, Discord, or Microsoft Teams, enabling alarms to appear in your existing chat service. If you use a different service, a custom interface can be built to suit your preference upon request.

MimoCAD Core is the basic underlying substrate that allows alarm information to move from the dispatcher to the responder. MimoCAD Core is designed to work with a number of interfaces for maximum flexibility in information handling, processing, and distribution.

By adding the MimoWEB interface, alarm information becomes available in your department's web portal. This allows for attendance tracking to be conducted, so that members may be awarded points for LOSAP compliance and in accordance with your department's operating procedures.

By adding the MimoGPS interface, we can automatically communicate to a compatible dispatch console when a unit is responding to an alarm, has arrived at the scene of an alarm, and responding to and arrived at the hospital. This can take place without the use of critical airtime over the primary dispatch channel.

By adding the MimoSDR interface, we can capture radio traffic from each unit as well as the dispatcher to clarify any information needed to recreate the alarm as a whole.