MimoGPS is a single, integrated package that is installed into a response vehicle, allowing supervisors and/or dispatch to track its location in real time.

This is accomplished through a GPS tracking module - accurate to up to 1 meter - with an integrated cellular data connection. The unit sends location information to our secure cloud server, which is in turn made available to you via a web interface. This information can even be used to assist in asset recovery, should a vehicle be stolen.

The device also contains an internal IMU that can be used to detect heavy crashes as well as rollover events, allowing the unit to automatically request help.

The costs of cellular service for the device are included in the monthly service costs shown below.

Electron v20 Cellular Module
Specifications Electron v20 Cellular Module
Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Supply Input Voltage VVIN +3.88 +12 V
Operating Current IVIN avg 180 250 mA
2G/3G Peak Current IIN pk 800 1800 mA
LTE Peak Current IIN pk 550 mA
Operating Current IVIN avg 47 50 mA
Operating Temperature Top -20 +60 °C
Humidity 95 %

Particle Asset Tracker
Specifications Particle Asset Tracker
Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Supply Input Voltage VIN +5.0 +12 V
Current consumption at 3V (GPS only) I 6.2 67 mA
Total current consumption I 50 800 mA
Backup power consumption at 3V (GPS only) IQs 15 uA
Operating Temperature Top -40 +85 °C
Humidity 95 %

MimoGPS Hardware

$ 250

per unit

MimoGPS Service

$ 25 /mo

per unit