MimoSDR is a software defined radio system, capable of receiving up to 3.2 MHz of simultaneous bandwidth per receiver, with up to 4 receivers per deployment. MimoSDR is capable of receiving and processing conventional radio transmissions, digtal (DMR, P25) unencrypted and encrypted traffic, and can receive, interpret, and record trunked systems.

Our customers often use this service for alarm review, or retrieving dispatch or arrival times that the crew missed during the response. Departments that self-dispatch can deploy MimoSDR wihin their dispatch center to reduce the odds of a bad signal tripping up communications - just connect to MimoSDR and play back the transmission again.

Long Island Public Safety Spectrum Waterfall

Each receiver can cover up to 3.2MHz of bandwidth at once, which is more than enough to cover a single frequency, and can cover multiple frequencies if they are close enough together. Most trunked systems can be covered by a single receiver.

The system is able to capture transmissions from a wide range of bands, including VHF, UHF Range 1, UHF Range 2, 700MHz, and 800MHz. This includes the majority of modern radio communications bands, as well as almost all frequencies that might be issued in the future.

MimoSDR's cloud-based interface

A typical MimoSDR receiver, without antenna

MimoSDR is the most inexpensive and effective way for your department to gain unfettered access to your radio communications quickly and easily. Whatever your use case, MimoSDR will help you bring your use of standard radio into the 21st century.

Payment terms:


$ 83 /mo

per frequency

$ 1,000 /year