MimoWEB is a versatile, cloud-based web interface for personnel management, alarm and attendance tracking, inventory management, and much more.

MimoWEB is an extremely flexible application, based on the needs of individual departments. It is capable of seamless scalability, meeting the needs of anything from a small volunteer department to large municipal agencies.

MimoWEB is designed to be configured prior to deployment to meet the unique needs of a particular department. One example of this flexibility is attendance tracking at volunteer departments, which due to the unique and independent nature of these agencies, can vary wildly from case to case. MimoWEB adapts to these disparate rules with ease. Prior to deployment, our developers learn the specific rules for attendance tracking for your department, and adapt the programming to match. This way, the agency's MimoWEB interface handles the relevant rulesets natively, and no adaptation is necessary on the part of the customer. It just works.

Clear, easy, and organized personnel management.

Attendance tracking made simple.


  • Certifications
  • Member History
  • Emergency Contacts

Outlook / Google

  • Calendar integration
  • Mail
  • Contacts


  • Crewboard
  • Scheduling
  • Equipment / Inventory
  • Vehicles
  • Checklists
  • Radio (requires MimoSDR)


  • Complete Customization
  • DOH-1881 Vehicle Report
  • DOH-2828 Member Roster

Payment terms:


$ 83 /mo

flat rate

$ 1,000 /year